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131 Visual Researchers
Beatriz Abreu
City Victoria

Project Type All Project Types
Research Type Visuals Stills, Visuals Footage, Music Clearances, Licensing, Project Management, Editorial Research
Subject Areas History World, Politics And Current Affairs, Food, Biography, Geography, Human Rights, Science And Environment, Popular Culture, Arts And Culture, Nature, Crime, Music, First Nations Issues
Languages English, Other

Catherine Annau
City Toronto

Rob Appleford
City Kentville
Project Type All Formats
Research Type Visuals Stills, Visuals Footage, Editorial Research
Subject Areas History World, History Canadian, History American, History European, Politics Current Affairs, Food, Biography, Human Rights, Popular Culture, Arts Culture, Music, Architecture, Social Studies, First Nations Issues
Languages English
About My Work I recently learned about this opportunity through VSRC member Melissa Laverdure, and as a former academic, I was excited to realize my archival research experience could be useful in this new line of work. I'm keen to learn and get started!