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Research Type:
visuals - stills, visuals - footage, talent clearances, licensing, project management, editorial research
Subject Areas:
history - world, history - Canadian, history - American, history - European, history - military, biography, geography, popular culture, arts culture, nature, music
About My Work:
I am media archivist, post-secondary instructor, and digital archives specialist with over 5 years experience in the field of still and audiovisual collections. From 2012 to 2016, I served as Digital Coordinator for the Toronto International Film Festival and often consulted on visual research and clearances for a variety of projects, including exhibitions and publications. I assisted in the clearing of rights (stills, footage, talent) for the David Cronenberg Project, which included securing world and Canadian rights for an internationally touring exhibition, as well as coordinating clearances and visual research for an online virtual museum (Virtual Museums of Canada).


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