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Research Type:
visuals - stills, visuals - footage, project management, editorial research
Subject Areas:
history - world, history - Canadian, history - American, politics - current affairs, biography, human rights, science - environment, popular culture, arts culture, music, social studies, health - medicine, business - law
About My Work:
I am a documentary filmmaker, researcher, and teacher. My own films focus on psychedelic drugs and drug policy.

I enjoy doing editorial and visual research contracts on a wide variety of films and tv series.

I was nominated in each of the two research categories at the 2021 Canadian Screen Awards:

The Barbara Sears Award for Best Editorial Research for
"Toxic Beauty"
documentary Channel (CBC) (White Pine Pictures)
Phyllis Ellis, Sandra Bartlett, Karen Dougherty, Sarah Michael, Connie Littlefield

The Barbara Sears Award for Best Visual Research for:
"Margaret Atwood: A Word after a Word after a Word is Power"
documentary Channel (CBC) (White Pine Pictures)
Kathie McKenna, Nancy Lang, Connie Littlefield, Isabelle Foisy, Michelle Demeyere, Jessica Joy Wise


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